Paczkator – sending big scanned attachments made easy!

Posted July 9th, 2007 in Downloads, Windows by Damian

Paczkator LogoPaczkator is a small Windows utility I wrote for the company I’m currently working with. Its purpose is to simplify the process of sending multiple big images (usually scanned documents) by mail. It’s small, pretty fast and requires no configuration from the user.


  • Small, free and easy to install and use
  • Automatically finds any images in the folder specified and scales them down if they are too big
  • Zips the folder, opens your email application (Outlook Express by default) and creates an attachment for you.
  • Warns you if the compressed folder is too big to send by email
  • It’s localised. Currently it speaks English and Polish
  • No administrator privileges required to install and run
  • No additional software required to work properly

Download Paczkator 0.8 now!

Paczkator is distributed under the GPL2 license, which means the program is FREE for both private and commercial use. You can also redistribute and modify it. If you do so, I would be grateful if you notified me.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions concerning Paczkator.

Version History:

  • 0.8 – current release: added localisation, installer and fixed a few bugs
  • 0.6 – improved image recognition and scaling procedures, a bug-fix release
  • 0.5 – initial release

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  1. Juits says:

    just want to thank you for your great work about the cursor & Packzator.
    thnx goodwork

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